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Building a Greener Future Through MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD

At MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD, we are committed to reshaping the metal industry through sustainable practices. Explore our collection of recycled metals and join us in creating a future where trading meets environmental responsibility.

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At MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD, our eyes are set on a future where sustainability shapes the world.

At MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD, we're more than just a trading company – we're pioneers in sustainable metal practices. Founded with a vision to transform Malaysia's metal industry, we prioritize responsible sourcing, eco-friendly processing, and a customer-centric approach. Learn more about our journey, mission, values, and the team driving our commitment to sustainability.


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Benefit from our expertise in recycling a wide range of materials, ensuring responsible and efficient processes.

Transparent and Traceable Sourcing

We prioritize transparency, allowing you to trace the origin of each recycled material, ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing.


Tailoring our offerings to your specific needs, we provide custom solutions to address unique project requirements.


Join us in our commitment to environmental sustainability. By choosing MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD, you support responsible recycling practices.

Explore our recycled materials and join us in creating a more sustainable future. Choose MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD for eco-conscious solutions in metal and material recycling.

Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Recycled Materials

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our diverse selection of recycled materials.
Discover the types of scrap we specialize in:

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We are specialize in connecting sellers and buyers in the recycled metal market.
Our range of personalized services ensures a seamless and efficient experience for all stakeholders. Here's what we offer:

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Meet the team that fuels the success of MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and client satisfaction is embodied by every member of our talented and passionate team. Together, we are shaping a future where recycled metal plays a pivotal role in a sustainable and responsible global economy.
we pride ourselves on offering a range of offline, traditional, and personalized services to cater to the unique needs of our clients in the recycled metal industry. Connect with us for a reliable and hands-on approach to sustainable metal trading.

Our Future Vision: Building a Greener Tomorrow

At MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD, our eyes are set on a future where sustainability shapes the world. We envision:

Leading in Recycling

Smart Innovation

Global Sustainability

Expanding Eco-Friendly Solutions

Committed to Excellence and Sustainability

Our success is rooted in the expertise and dedication of our dynamic team. We are a diverse group of professionals united by a common passion for sustainability and a shared commitment to excellence in the recycled metal industry.

MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD – The leading metal and recycling company

MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD believes in adopting a futuristic approach. We are not an ordinary company that believes in very old practices. Our company has the goal to reshape the metal industry by adopting the best practices. We take great care while sourcing the metals, process everything in an eco-friendly manner and stick to a customer-centric approach. By recycling metal, we aim to utilize the resources bestowed by Mother Nature in the best possible manner.

A customer-focused approach

MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD has made a place for itself. After making a promise, we do everything to fulfill that promise. We are appreciated for this customer-centric approach. Our dedicated team has professionals who work closely with the clients to analyze, design and implement a customized solution. As one of the best metal scrap traders, we have the necessary infrastructure that successfully meets the needs of the clients. We are a one-stop-shop solution provider for metal scrapping, and our company can easily meet all your needs.

Recycling is the key to a bright and balanced future

MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD has been serving the customers for a long period. We have fully licensed and well-equipped premises. You can count on our rich expertise for recycling a wide range of materials. Our team makes use of the latest technology that ensures the best results. Among all the leading metal scrap traders, we are known for utilizing the most advanced technologies. By scrapping and recycling the old metal, we play a key role in making this world a better place.

Providing customized solutions

At MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD, we understand that customers have unique needs, and our team addresses their unique needs. Iron, metal and electronic products must be recycled with the help of advanced technology. As a market leader, we provide customized service to our esteemed clients. Simply share your requirements and concerns with us, and we will provide customized solutions. We draw heavily from traditional ethics and also follow a modern business outlook. MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD sticks with a customer-centric approach, and we believe in building long-term relations with the customers.

The leading scrap metal suppliers

If you are searching for places to sell scrap metal near me, look no further than us. The courteous and helpful team of MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD is always ready to help the customers. We have a passionate, responsible and self-driven team that continuously upgrades and improves its performance to meet the requirements of the customers. Hence, we are considered the leading metal and recycling company. Our team always strives for perfection and looks for new methods to do things effectively and efficiently. In order to achieve impeccable results, we embrace changes with courage, adaptability and flexibility. Consult with our experts and learn more about the price of junk metal.

Utilize the service of the metal and recycling company to boost your revenue

Many businesses choose to recycle the scrap in order to earn additional revenue. We understand the concern of such companies. Unnecessarily, accumulating metals simply occupy space and recycling is a wise option, and your business can earn some extra money. By selling the scrap metal, the business can easily boost its revenue. After consulting with our experts, you can learn more about the price of junk metal. The rates may vary as they depend on the type of the metal. The rate of the scrap brass, iron, copper and aluminum can vary.

The leading metal recycler

The concept of recycling is not new, and it has gained popularity with the evolution of modern society. Now, people and many commercial organizations have started reusing their possessions due to the shortage of resources and other economic reasons. There are many who are concerned about the environment. Hence, they search for a metal recycler near me. Metal recycling offers numerous benefits to both the environment and the economy. Currently, metal recycling is helping to meet the growing need of the market.

Supporting modern manufacturing

By recycling the scrap metals and other materials, we support various manufacturing activities. If you are searching for sell my scrap metal near me service then look no further than MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD. The scrap metal can be recycled and reintroduced in the production of newer products. We are fully familiar with the burgeoning requirements of various industries and sectors.

Trade waste disposal

Trade waste disposal should be done properly in all the buildings and the facility. As environmental awareness is rising, there is more demand for our services. By offering the trade waste disposal service, MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD wants to ensure a sustainable tomorrow. Paper, rubber, plastic, electronic waste must be disposed of properly and under expert supervision. Many types of metals and other materials can be recycled. We comply with all the environmental health and safety regulations. Metals, rubber and other resources play a key role in the modern economy. From vehicles to different types of products are made from recycled materials. MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD is an environment-conscious company, and we believe that options such as recycling should be given top priority.

Protecting the environment

We are counted amongst the leading metals recycling companies. MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD is committed to protect the environment. Through recycling, the metals can be used again and again. It is important to take care of the environment and by recycling the metals we preserve our natural resources. There is limited need to extract the new raw materials mines. Certainly, in the long run, this helps in fighting climate change. In the process of recycling the metals, less amount of energy is used, which means a lesser volume of greenhouse gasses are emitted in the atmosphere. The scrapyard metal must be recycled in an effective manner, and MK SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SDN BHD provides all the necessary help. It is everyone’s duty to protect the environment, and we adhere to this moral duty.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about our services. We have made our name in the leading metals recycling companies because our company is known for its commitment to client satisfaction, sustainability and excellence.

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